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Revolver Coffee

Revolver Coffee is the newest coffee hot spot in Vancouver.

Once again, Gastown has managed to attract another fantastic eatery. Gastown = food mecca. Seriously.

I love the space. Designed by Craig Stanghetta (The mastermind behind the look of Meat and Bread and Stackhouse Burger Bar) The store is a combination of old and new feels: brick and wood work with crone accents. The place looks like a mix of a lab and an an old school house. It’s like something taken out of a different era.

Revolver takes coffee to a whole different level: Each cup is made individually and ground by hand. Each different coffee gets its own type of brewing method. They carry coffees from different regions, I was surprised that they even carry coffee from El Salvador. That’s where I’m from.

It takes approximately two and a half minutes for your coffee to brew. Watching them brew that perfect cup of coffee is really cool. There are a few things to keep in mind: The water temperature, and the ratio of coffee to water. Those things will determine how rich your coffee will taste.

I loved the velvety taste of my coffee. It was very rich and very thick. Do you know that you shouldn’t put cream in your coffee? Coffee is very acidic by nature. I learned a lot writing this post! I also tried a Machiatto fresh from their Mirage espresso machine. It had a lovely thick foam and gorgeous latte art – a masterpiece.

The owners are very friendly and it’s obvious they enjoy what they do. Revolver is a family-owned business, four brothers actually: Matt, John, George and Chris.

Revolver also carries a variety of pastries and cookies, which are imported from Cafe Crema, that they also own. Follow them on twitter: @revolver_coffee

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  1. I’ve never been to Vancouver, but should I get there I’d like to visit Revolver Coffee. When you mention that each cup of coffee is individually made, that sounds great. When you hear about a business that goes to this kind of personalized detail for a customer, it sure makes a difference.


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