Black + Blue

Black + Blue is the new offering from the Glowbal Group. The new steak-centric restaurant is Located Downtown in Alberni St, steps away from COAST and Italian Kitchen – other popular Glowbal Restaurants.

The restaurant is beautifully designed: three levels, high ceilings. A modern chandelier hangs above the bar. The main visual spot is a glass meat fridge at the back of the restaurant: it shows different cuts of meat hanging from hooks. It’s gruesome and mesmerizing at the same time. The pink and orange wall is actually Himalayan salt bricks, which not only look good, but purifies the air and naturally removes moisture. All their steaks are kept in the cooler for 28-45 days. They also carry Snake River Wagyu beef – These cattle are fed beer (yes, beer), massaged and hand fed. The result is the most tender, flavourful beef in the world.

The longue area is plush and comfortable. The cocktail list is wonderful. I had a Hemingway’s Getaway to start and I was in love!

Black & Blue offers a large selection of prime cuts of steaks, but they also have some fantastic appetizers and sides, as well as chicken and fish dishes.  We tried the beef carpaccio ($15) and it was excellent. Well seasoned with garlic and fried onions, it was delicious and excellent as a share plate.

The stuffed mushroom appetizer ($15) must be tried to be believed. The Portobello mushroom has a rich, meaty consistency. Combined with the crab and bearnaise sauce, this dish is a definite winner.

The way the menu works, each entree is sold individually, and sides can be ordered a la carte. We felt like seafood, so we ordered the Tuna ($32) with a side of Mac and Cheese ($9) and Steamed Spinach ($8). The tuna is Ahi Tuna, so the quality is there, and it comes seared with a red wine jus. I wasn’t crazy about the tuna. I thought it was a bit odd to pair it with the red wine jus, but that’s just me.

I loved, loved the mac and cheese side! It comes in a crispy coating, with a three cheese sauce on the side for dipping. So yummy! The only meal that comes complete with sides is the Prime Rib ($27-$45 depending on size). It comes with yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, caramelized pearl onions and a red wine jus.

For dessert we had their delicious Chocolate Souffle – it was fantastic and a favourite at my table. I totally, totally recommend getting this dessert!

Black + Blue is open for lunch and dinner, check them out on facebook. Glowbal has great social media, so I’m sure that a twitter for this restaurant will be coming up shortly. Meanwhile, you can follow the Glowbal Group at @Glowbal_Group

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  1. Norma Chang says:

    All the dishes look yummy, especially the beef carpaccio. I am hungry.


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