Ebisu on Robson

My friend Sean from Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town won the Cheers Ebisu package from Vaneats.  Vaneats is a company that specializes in unique, one time only, dining packages. The Cheers Ebisu package was $25 and it offered more than enough food for 2 people, an excellent value for your money! Vaneats have new dining packages coming out every month, so make sure to check them out. They also have great twitter and facebook contests. Sean needed a little help eating all this deliciousness, so he invited me to tag along! Isn’t he great or what? For Sean’s review of Ebisu, click here.

The Cheers Ebisu packaged included the Chikuwa Cheese – deep fried fish cake stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese, Cajun Tuna Tacos – seared fresh tuna & shredded mixed salad dressed with the house ginger sauce, Tiger Mayo – deep fried Black Tiger prawns with sweet chili mayonnaise dip, Kansai Steak Sliders – sauteed sliced beef marinated in yakiniku sauce sandwiched with avocado, onions, mushrooms & mayo, Chicken Karaage – deep fried boneless chicken, Thunder Fries-  fresh house-cut fried sweet potato sticks served with cajun dip, and 1 pitcher of PREMIUM SAPPORO DRAFT. 

That’s a lot of food! Of course, Sean’s and I’s eyes are bigger than our stomachs, so we also ordered the Prawn Gyoza and a Volcano Roll.

Oh boy, was that gyoza ever good! succulent pork filling with a juicy prawn middle. It was served with a tangy gyoza sauce. Gorgeous presentation. Our volcano roll looked fantastic, but it wasn’t very spicy.

Some of the highlights of the Cheers Ebisu package were the Kansai Steak Sliders. These tiny burgers are delicious, and the steak is marinated in a yakiniku sauce.

Another great menu item was the Chicken Karaage – unlike other Karaage that I’ve tasted, this one was boneless and not greasy at all! It was so good!

Thunder Fries: Every restaurant in Vancouver needs to have yam fries as good as these ones! I love the thickness and crispiness of them, and the cajun dip was perfect!

Tuna Tacos: Very light tasting, the shelf breaks quite easily and the Japanese caviar on top is a nice touch.

The staff at Ebisu were fantastic. Our server, Cliff, was very attentive. They also have TVs all around the restaurant, so you can watch the game when the Canucks are playing! what is not to love?

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  1. tastyvancity says:

    Chikuwa Cheese is definitely and easily one of the best items on the menu!


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