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Orange Corner Tea House

Orange Corner has two locations: One in Kerrisdale and one in Burnaby, in Station Square Mall. This is where we found ourselves for lunch on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Orange Corner server a wide array of dishes – Taiwanese food, crepes, bubble tea, chocolate fondue… there’s lot of variety there!

Looking at the menu we decided to order a few appies, a crape and some Taiwanese food, this way we could get a decent idea of what the food is really all about.

For starters, we got the Crispy Chicken Bites ($5.29) and the Chewy Sweet Potato Balls ($3.79). These appetizers were so much fun to eat!

The appies came with little toothpicks so we can pick at them. The chicken were boneless bites coated in a savoury batter fried to perfection, they were really good! the sweet potato balls came pipping hot and they were chewy and well, sweet. Almost like a dessert.

For our lunch, we had the Spinach and Cheese Crape ($6.50) and the BBQ Chicken with Noodle in Soup ($6.95). I am not an expert on crapes, but this one was very light and thin. The goat cheese and spinach filling was a fantastic combination. It also had a strong peppery taste, which I really liked. It was a good size portion. It also came with a small bit of salad with cream dressing, I’m assuming it was ranch. The salad was not much more than a garnish, so don’t count it as a side dish.

The chicken BBQ noodle soup was something else. For starters, the chicken came on the side, and it had a sweet, almost like a Teriyaki glace. It was moist and tasty enough, the noodle soup, even though it had bok choy and chives, it still had almost no flavour.

I would say our experience here was a bit hit-and-miss, but good overall. I’ll probably come back here again to try the sweet crepes, they do look good!

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