Touch Of Spice in Weehawken

It’s no secret I’m in love with Indian food and could eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner so me and my dinning partner decided to try a new little Indian Bistro that has just opened up in Weehawken, NJ that has gotten a lot of Buzz lately.  They are already Zagat rated and the place is very charming decorated with warm tones, lots candles and ambiance.  Located on an up and coming part of town in Hudson County on Park Avenue, where trendy eatery are popping up all over the place.  Touch of Spice sure has gotten off to a good start.

One big plus to dinning here is the most wonderful host James, he is so inviting, kind and attentive it’s so nice to be treated like your business is appreciated.  I’ve been here several times and he has never failed to impress with his personality and attention to detail.  The do offer a lunch buffet each weekdays for $6.99 and until December 31st they offer the lunch buffet on the weekends for $8.99.

We started out with the “Meat Samosas” Crispy pastry stuffed with minced lamb and peas, for $5.50. They were delicious with just the right amount of fire.  The outside crust seemed to be a blend of Flaky pastry dough and traditional which was very nice.  We both decided to have the Lunch Buffet and we were not disappointed.  Today they were featuring “Cucumber Salad” with a sour cream dressing, “Vegetable Pakoras” Crispy pastry stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas.  Their Coriander Chutney was very good but, my favorite is the Tamarind Chutney, it’s was so delicious I poured it over everything.  It had a sweet cherry meets black pepper flavor with sweet & salty tones.  We also had a wonderfully spicy Lentil Curry over Basmati Rice.

For our main course the buffet offered a “Vegetable Curry” filled with Brocolli, Cauliflower, Peas and Potatoes.  Also featured was the “Chicken Tikka Masala” Boneless pieces of chicken simmered in a tomato sauce, “Chicken Tikka” Tender boneless pieces of chicken breast flavored with spices with raw onion & lemon, “Lamb Kadai” Lamb cooked with onions and bell peppers in a curry sauce and “Chana Palak” –Chickpeas cooked with spinach. Among other tasty dishes. We finished our lunch with the “Gulab Jamun” Golden brown fried dipped in sweet syrup for $4.00.  These were fantastic almost with a syrup/rosewater flavor, with raisins and cashews, I highly recommend trying these

Some other dishes I recommend is the “Mixed Grill” An assortment of grilled chicken, lamb and seafood for $17.95, the “Lamb Rogan Jhosh” A classic dish cooked in rich tomato and onion sauce for $13.95, “Chicken Chettinad” South Indian spicy chicken curry with yogurt and black pepper  for $11.95 and the “Paneer Naan” Naan stuffed with cheese for $3.50.  Their website can be viewed  Such a wonderful Authentic Indian Restaurant for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner with that special someone.

Written by Michael Monteforte

New Jersey Correspondent

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