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Cosca Restaurant has only been opened since summer, but it has created a lot of buzz in the food community in Vancouver. has named it one of the best 30 new restaurants in Vancouver in 2011.

I went to check it out with @yvrbcbro last week. We’ve heard great things about their brunch menu, but also about their 3-course set menu. For $15.95 you get your choice of soup or salad, a main dish, and a dessert. Not too shaby. Click here for Sean’s review.

The space is cozy, and it has a lot of personality. So do the servers. The atmosphere is casual and friendly.

For starters we had the Mista Salad and the Tomato Basil Soup. My soup was fantastic. Lots of fresh basil and tangy tomatoes. Sean’s salad was a tad small, but it was fresh and it looked amazing.

Once thing I noticed was the lack of complimentary bread. It’s odd not being offered it at an Italian Restaurant. Not sure if it was because we were ordering from the set menu, or that is the standard, but either way, beware.

For our main courses we ordered the Meat Lasagna and the Fettucini Pollo Limone. My fettucini was great. The chicken was tender and juicy, lots of artichoke hearts, and the noodles were cooked well. The sauce was very flavourful, and the lemon really came thru. The sauce was a tad runny, not as thick as I would like, but like I said before, lots of flavour. The lasagna had Italian sausage on it, and lots of meat, which was a nice touch. The portion was very generous. A good size for a tasting menu. Sean found the lasagna a tad salty.

Now for my favourite part: dessert. We ordered the Tartufo and the Tiramisu. I’ve heard great things about their tiramisu, and the truth is that it lives to the hype. It is very, very good and I recommend getting it.

My tartufo was a creamy ice cream delight. With hints of cocoa and hazelnut, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my meal.

Cosca uses their social media well, I love following them on twitter. check them out @coscarestaurant. They will also be a part of Dineout Vancouver in 2012.

Cosca on Urbanspoon

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