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Leo’s Grandevous in Hoboken

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Leo’s is truly one of one of the best known and oldest restaurants in Hoboken, New Jersey!  There are two things we look for when we go out to eat, first is the food, second is the service and at Leo’s we can check off both boxes.  The food is traditional Italian and the recipes have not been changed since inception, if you’re looking for a great Italian meal prepared like your Grandparents use to do it, then come to Leo’s.  Our server Linda was so warm and inviting I felt like I knew her my whole life.  She happened to be the only person handling the floor that afternoon and she did it like a pro without breaking a sweat.  She was attentive and did not miss a beat with any one of the tables that were full with patrons hungry after some after Christmas shopping.  Me and my dining partner walked away stuffed with great food, and grateful we made a new friend and will return because of both.
Leo’s was opened in 1939 by Leo and Tessie Di Terlizzi, these two worked hard to gain the reputation of locals and visitors from afar and it paid off.  The wonderful things is this restaurant has been in the same location since it first opened it’s doors.  Frank Sinatra himself use to eat here as the walls are paying homage to him everywhere you look.  “The Worlds Greatest Frank Sinatra Jukebox” can be found here also, with a place you can go to play all his songs throughout his career.  Today Leo’s has maintained itself as a comfortable meeting place where you can find a friendly face, a great meal, and some wonderful music and refreshment. Men’s Journal named Leo’s as one of the “50 Greatest Bars in the United States” in their humble opinion.


As soon as we sat down Linda delivered a big basked of the most delicious Italian bread to out table which we attacked immediately. We then started with the Hot Antipasto – Fried Ravioli, Mussels Marinara, Clams Oreganto, Mozzarella Sticks, Fried Shrimp, Eggplant Parmigiana & a large cup of the most delicious Marinara sauce you’ll ever taste.  This was fantastic for $7.50 my eyes almost popped out of my head there was so much to eat we could have stopped there.  I had the Chicken Cutlet Parmesan sandwich for  $6.50 and my dining partner had the Leo’s Supreme Bar Pie for $8.00 which was so delicious.  I will say Leo’s is known for their Bar Pie’s which is made from the most amazing pizza dough.  You can choose from 30 different varieties such as caramelized onion, baby spinach & goat cheese or the chicken & plum tomatoes.  They do have a full bar and you can view their website at

Written by Michael Monteforte
New Jersey Correspondent

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