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Luna Loca

Luna Loca is one of those restaurants that has been around for a long time, and has changed owners. It used to be a great place to go, for good, cheap Mexican food in Surrey. In 2009, when the new owners arrived, there was a bit of a learning curve, and things were not as good as they used to be. I haven’t been back since. But hey, I’m of a forgiving nature, and I figure, after 2 years, it was safe to check out the place once again.

They have Salsa Nights on Friday, and we arrived to the sounds of live music. Good start. We got seated right away by a friendly hostess, who told us that the owner had made way too much Sangria again, and if we could please help her out by buying a glass? Otherwise she would have to drink it all. Koodos for humour. And it got me to buy a glass of Sangria. It was pretty decent. Not a lot of fruit on the glass, but plenty of flavour. And for $3? not a bad deal.

For dinner, we order the Tampiquena con Asada Para Dos ($39.95) A meal to share. In Mexico, this dish is served for a romantic first date. It came with a garden fresh salad, then a combination of Pollo Asado (grilled marinated chicken), charboiled skirt steak, enchiladas, black beans, Pico de Gallo, Chilli Con Queso, and flour tortillas. Good deal.

I was thinking that we should order an appetizer, as these sharing plates can be a tad small, and for the price we were paying, I wasn’t expecting a lot of food. I was completely wrong.

Our salads came, and they were a decent size, full of flavour: tomatoes, olives, cheese, jalapeno peppers, corn chips. The dressing was a home-made mango vinaigrette, that was sweet and spicy.

We were also served fresh chips and salsa, which are refillable and are also made in house. Good salsa too! Not too spicy.

Our Chilli con Queso left a bit to be desired. Very oily and not to flavourful. But yet again, we were served a full portion of the dish.

When our mains came, I was even more surprised. It was a massive plate. Two full breasts of chicken, a large steak to share, two large enchiladas (one chicken, one beef), lots of rice, beans, pico de gallo and tortillas. The chicken was well marinated and spicy! Juicy too! The steak was done carne asada style. ( Grilled meat marinated with olive oil, salt, and lemon, pepper, garlic salt, lime and Worcestershire sauce). Lots of flavour. The salsa roja on the enchiladas was very good too. The beef enchilada was a tad too salty, but otherwise, this was a very enjoyable meal.

Dessert was not included, but that didn’t stop us from ordering the Deep Fried Ice Cream ($5.99) It was a great way to end our meal.

Overall I really enjoyed our dinner at Luna Loca. The food was good, and the service was great. The food is more Tex Mex rather than authentic Mexican, so beware.

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