The Quays in Hoboken

The Quays is a very special place for me, it where I had my wedding reception after I married the love of my life.  It holds greet memories and will always be a special place in my heart.  Tonight was the 5 year anniversary of my wedding reception and we just happened to be here in New Jersey so we decided to invite a friend and have a wonderful evening reminiscing.  The Quays is inspired by the location and stunning views of the New York City Skyline located on the trendy Frank Sinatra Drive only steps away from the Hoboken W Hotel.  Opened in 2004 they have a very eclectic drink & dinner menu.  The inside of the restaurant is to emulate the inside of the hull of a ship has beautiful lighting and a warm atmosphere.

The Quays does offer a take out menu and will do private parties and with the views of New York City it’s a great place to have one.  My husband started out with a Mango Martini which was quite good for $14.00.  We all decided to share an appetizer of Marinated Steak Skewers – Filet Mignon tips with mango salsa, jalapeno cilantro dipping sauce for $12.00, which were really good.  For dinner I had the Rosemary Garlic Pork Chops – With roasted yellow potato, green beans and apple brandy sauce for $22.00, my husband had the 12 oz Steak Frites – New York strip, blue cheese shallot butter, hand cut russet fries, grilled asparagus for $27.00 and our dining partner had the Shrimp Fettuccine – Cherry tomato, onion, arugula, in a spicy white wine sauce for $21.00.  All dishes were very satisfying and well seasoned.

For dessert we all had to have our own and each and they did not disappoint.  I had the Key Lime Cheesecake for $8.00, my husband had the Chocolate Volcano Cake – Raspberry coulis, vanilla gelato, and creme chantilly for $8.00 and our dining partner had the Creme Brulee for $8.00. Other Fantastic Choices are the Dublin Fish and Chips with tarter sauce & malt vinegar for $14.00 and the Quays Angus Burger – With one topping: bacon, sauteed onions, mushrooms, swiss, cheddar, or american for $11.00.  You can view their website at

The Quays is Zagat rated.

Written by Michael Monteforte


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