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Yakko Sushi

I only get an hour for lunch, so I was looking for somewhere close to work for a quick bite to eat, and I ran into this little gem of a sushi restaurant across Metropolis at Metrotown on Kingsway. It’s a small restaurant and not very fancy, but the service is fast and efficient and the rolls are good. Yakko Sushi has two restaurants in the area: The one on Kingsway, and the one at Station Square, on McKay Avenue.

Their menu is standard Japanese fare. This is a good place to go if you feel like some simple, comfort food sushi. The one thing that sets them apart is the price: much more reasonable that most restaurants in the area.

Their lunch menu is ridiculously affordable: Most combos range from $6-8. That’s not a bad deal for lunch. The bento boxes are very popular, they have a salmon teriyaki bento that comes with salad, rice, karaage and salmon, tuna and ebi sushi.

Yakko makes their own sauces and dressings. It makes a difference. The salad dressing wasn’t your standard Japanese dressing. Instead it had a hint of ginger and it was very tasty.

Another favourite items on their menu are their roll combos. Three of their rolls worth mentioning are the Hawaiian Dynamite Roll – with pineapple, crab meat, shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber, this roll is a tasty winner. The SSCC Roll is a tasty California roll covered on smoked salmon. And finally, the Crunch Roll – tempura topped California roll. What makes this roll special, is the home made edamame sauce it comes with. Totally delish.

Yakko Sushi Express on Urbanspoon


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