Guu Original

It was girl’s night and @lojoyce @alicejhwong, Sharon and I decided to check out Guu on Thurlow. This franchise has 3 locations downtown: Guu with Garlic, Guu on Robson and this one. There is also a location in Richmond. Each restaurant has its own theme and flavour.

The atmosphere is hectic! You are loudly greeted the moment you open the door and you are sent out the same way. This location was the first Guu restaurant to open in Vancouver, and they pride themselves on serving the most authentic Izakaya dishes for an affordable price. Coming here is an experience.

We started with some tasty drinks:

The Guu Ramune is a refreshing drink with a light cream soda taste. Partial proceeds go to the BC Children’s Hospital. I was told you can also buy them at T&T Supermarket. You open your drink by pushing down the glass marble on top of the bottle.

We really went all out and ordered a ridiculously amount of food:

The Beef Tataki ($5.25) was an excellent dish. Thin sliced seared beef served with ponzu sauce. It came with sliced radishes and green onion. This was one of my favourite dishes, very tasty.

Kabocha Korokke ($3.60) This is a really interesting dish. It basically consists of a deep-fried pumpkin and egg croquette smothered in a thousand-island s style dressing. It was really tasty, and this is one of Guu’s signature dishes. Great presentation as well.

Tuna Tataki ($6.80) Another one of my favourites. Lightly seared tuna served with ponzu sauce, Japanese radish, green onions and garlic chips. hmmmm… I love a good tuna tataki, the flavours blend so well, and I loved the garlic chips garnish. It added a new dimension of flavour.

Maguro Steak ($8.50) – Let’s continue with the tuna love fest with this dish. A little more expensive than the rest, but so worth it. The size of the Ahi Tuna steak you get is very large. Marinated in garlic, soy sauce and sake, this dish is simple, but so delicious. This is my pick of the night. Very good value for your money.

The Marinated Eggplant ($3.40) This is an item from the special menu. This is a refreshing tapas dish. The eggplant had a nice citrus taste to it. Garlic chips adds to more flavour.

Ebi Mayo ($7.80) I make a point of trying Ebi Mayo everywhere that serves it. This one is pretty tasty! Excellent sauce, not too oily.

Grilled Pork Cheek ($6.20) Unfortunately this dish missed the mark with me. The pork was a tad dry and tough, and there wasn’t too much flavour.

Aside from great savoury tapas, Guu offers so tasty desserts, such as the An-Nin-Tofu ($3.00), Green Tea Ice Cream ($3.00) and Cheesecake ($3.50). Check out the gallery below for pictures. Also Guu is Zagat rated.

Follow them on twitter @GuuIzakaya

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