House of Empanadas

Located on the corner of Davie and Bute, there’s this tiny little restaurant called House of Empanadas. Run by some nice Latin American folks, this place offers authentic Latin fare made with quality ingredients such as organic greens and grass-fed meats. All their empanadas are made in-house, and are baked, not fried. Also made in-house is their Chimichurri sauce – it comes with all savoury dishes.

Never had an empanada? Empanadas are pastries that are either baked or fried, filled with savoury or sweet fillings. The most common fillings are beef, olives, raisins, vegetables and cheese. Originally from Spain, They can found all over Latin America. In my opinion, the best empanadas come from Chile.

We order two large empanadas, each $3.95. The small empanadas are $1.50 each. The pastry was consistent with all of them: flaky, very much like an Italian calzone.

The Beef Empanada Traditional was my favourite. Not as good as a traditional Chilean empanada, but very tasty nevertheless. With beef, egg, raisins, onions and a tad of chilli power, if you’re gonna try just one empanada from their menu, try this one.

Another favourite at my table was the Spicy Pork Picadillo – lots of flavour on this one! cinnamon, cumin, sour cream, jalapenos, chipolte sauce and almonds. This pork empanada was seasoned very well.

A disappointing empanada was the Black Forest Ham and Cheddar Cheese – the ham was a dry and the cheese was non-existent.

Aside from savourite empanadas, they also make dessert ones. My favourite is the Guava Cream Cheese – an excellent combination of flavours. They also have a few more desserts, such as the Pastel de Tres Leches de Coco – a cake made with condensed and evaporated milk, as well as heavy cream.

La Casa (The House in Spanish) also does take out. My suggestion is to order these to take home, and make the empanadas a meal together with a side dish. They can be too heavy on their own. I had two and I was on a carbs coma for awhile. The good? These are pretty authentic empanadas made with quality ingredients.

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