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The Guanaco Truck

This food truck is very close to my heart, I’m from El Salvador and when you ask a Salvadoran what they miss the most about the homeland they will tell you, three things: the sun, the beach and the food.

Pupusas are the most common street food in El Salvador. It’s what you have Sunday dinner with the family. They will make an appearance at every holiday and regardless of your status, it’s the one thing that you crave the moment you leave the country, and the moment you come back.

This food truck is the labor of love of  the Manzano family. Son Jose and mother Ana. They used to have a “pupuseria” back home (a pupusa restaurant), and like many Salvadorans before them, they came to Canada looking for a better life. Being a new immigrant to Canada is not easy, and the Manzanos left a lot family behind to chase their Canadian dream. Ana found work in the hospitality industry, but she proudly tells me that Jose was always the go getter, looking for ways to become independent and dreamed of having his own business.

The truck’s menu is a satisfying array of Salvadoran cuisine: Yuca frita, pasteles, tamales, and of course, pupusas. As an extra treat, the drink menu is also authentic Salvadoran: cebada ( a sweet barley drink), Tamarindo (tamarind juice. Tart and delicious), and horchata (a drink made with crushed morro seeds). I ordered a cebada. I haven’t had one since the last time I was home 5 years ago. It was as if I never left.

The pupusas are quite large so ordering one is a good way to start. I would suggest the “revuelta” (a combination of pork, cheese and beans). The filling is mixed into a corn patty, flatten and then grilled. Then, the pupusas are served hot with a side of tomato sauce and “curtido” (pickled slaw).

Guanaco Truck will be fully operational on the streets of Vancouver starting May 1st, on the corner of Seymour and West Georgia.

Follow them on twitter @guanacotruck

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