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Miku Restaurant

Miku is an Abiru-style Japanese restaurant downtown. Located steps away from the Waterfront, it offers beautiful mountain and water views.

Abiru style stands for a type of sear-flame sushi developed in Japan about a century ago. The chef applies fire directly to the dish to enhance the natural flavours of the fish. Another interesting fact is that you won’t find wasabi or soy sauce here. Each roll and dish comes enhanced with their own unique sauces, made with non-traditional Japanese ingredients and are created specially to bring out the unique flavours and properties of the fish.

If you’ve never been here, I recommend sitting at the bar. It’s really interesting to see the chefs at work, and their rolls are really works of art. Sitting at the bar really adds to the experience. If you’re looking for something more intimate, they have some very romantic tables with amazing views.

For your first experience, I recommend getting the Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi  ($14) – local salmon pressed and dressed with the chef’s own soy & Miku sauce, topped with a slice of jalapéno pepper. Yum. The fire and charcoal gives the salmon a very unique taste. The sauces are fantastic together, and the jalapéno gives it a nice extra kick. This is one of their signature rolls and must not be missed!

Another of their signature rolls is the Red Wave Roll ($13)   snow crab, avocado, wrapped in maguro, and masatake sauce. The force is strong on this one! Great flavours all combined. Another must if you’ve never been at Miku. Also try their Ebi Fritters ($10) beer-battered tiger prawns in a chili cream sauce.

Aside from innovative cuisine, Miku Restaurant has an excellent cocktail and sake list. The Miku Mojito is one of my favourites. The drink menu compliments their dishes really well, and the friendly staff is always willing to offer a suggestion. And save room for dessert! Their pastry Chef is amazing.

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