The Wicked Spoon Buffet in Las Vegas

Through TripAdvisor forum reviewers, my friends and I ventured out to Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan for their brunch buffet last week. Arriving on a Sunday, the line-up to get seated was over half an hour at 1pm. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite that busy, but I guess being toted as one of the newest and best buffets on the strip, the line-up should be well worth the wait. Brunch is $29 on the weekend (a bit on the higher side for brunch buffet), running from 8am to 3pm. When our group arrived, like most buffets in Vegas, you pay first and then get seated. After the wait, we were ushered to our table. This restaurant’s decor was quite chic and modern, similar to that of its hotel Cosmopolitan. Upon first impression, the food was also just as chic/modern! This place was definitely wicked in several ways:

Display – unlike most Las Vegas buffets, the display of food servings was a combination of tapas-styled individual portioned dishes and your typical self-serve buffet dishes. For example several of their pasta dishes were plated in individual steel bowl servings (enough for a couple of people to share or for one hungry individual) and their Chinese noodle dishes were served in mini Chinese take-out containers. Their dessert buffet was showcased in a large glass case with shooter cups of desserts and bite-sized cakes similar to a bakery!

Food quality – although some of the dishes (such as the Green Curry noodles) were overly salty, there were several outstanding dishes! Their BBQ pork ribs were moist and juicy; best green bean salad I’ve had at a buffet; giant slice of smoked salmon with capers; gelato bar featuring over 10 flavors freshly made (Pistachio was a favorite among my friends); giant chocolate-dipped strawberries; and their light/fluffy mousse filled dessert shooters in various flavors stood out in the dessert section. What I also liked was how the cocktail prawns were de-shelled and came with cocktail sauce and a slice of lemon in a shot glass – no need to use your hands to peel them!

Service – servers were friendly, quick and attentive to clearing our dishes and coming around with our drinks (yes – pop, juice, coffee, tea are included in the buffet price and unlimited). Our server came around quite often to ensure we had what we needed.

Overall I’ve been to the Bellagio Buffet, Carnival World Buffet at The Rio, and the MGM Grand Buffet, and the brunch buffet at Wicked Spoon ranks up there with the Bellagio Buffet, highlight being the gelato and dessert bar, which the Bellagio does not outdo in this instance. Food quality exceeded my expectations but still needs to work on improving their overall selection to include more items and less salty dishes.

Written by Alice Wong – Follow her on twitter


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