Vij’s Railway Express Food Truck

Ok. It’s official. Vancouver’s street food has game. With the opening of so many new street food trucks, the food speaks for itself. Each truck has brought its own flavour and expertise to the scene, but no one has stepped it up quite like Vikram Vij. Any food aficionado worth his/her salt is familiar with that name. With ownership of the ever so popular Vij’s restaurant on W 11th and Rangoli’s, Mr. Vij doesn’t need to prove himself in this town to anyone. So why the truck? His answer: Why not?

He tells me it’s his passion for the foods of his homeland that made him embark on this venture. He wants you to experience the real India and all her flavours. Each region of India has its own traditional dishes, he explains to me, (hence the name Vij’s Railway Express). Just like the railway stations in India, this truck will take you on a culinary adventure, with menus changing daily. But He doesn’t want to rest on his own laurels. He wants you to come out and experience the food yourself. The menus are inspired by Mr. Vij’s trips to India, but the daily operations of the truck are in the capable hands of chef  Chris Carter and his staff. The menus will differ from the restaurants, each place offering you a different experience. The menu items range from $10 to $15. For my experience, I tried the Lucknow Lamb Kebabs ($9) and a cup of the Kashmiri Chai with Pistachio slivers ($3.50). The tea was amazing. So fragrant and sweet. The pistachio adds a lovely nutty flavour to the mix.

The lamb kebabs are perfectly spiced, and are wrapped in a chapati. My one regret is that the portions weren’t bigger. For nine dollars I got a wrap with three lamb pieces in it, and a small salad. But there is something to be said about quality. The food was amazing. And the crowds agree with me. There was a large lineup when I showed up, and a large lineup after I left.

This is a food truck that you don’t wanna miss this summer. Follow them on twitter @VijsRailway for menu info and schedules.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Mary! It was a pleasure speaking with you and appreciate the kind post!


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      You’re welcome! I look forwards to trying more of your delicious food :)


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