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Off the Wagon Travelling Tacos

You can find Off the Wagon Travelling Tacos at the Main Street Night Market on Wednesdays, but they also have a weekday spot on the corner of Dunsmuir and Burrard. It’s a very convenient spot, right outside Burrard Skytrain Station.

Their mantra is “local, ethical, sustainable and healthy….oh, and YUMMY!” Their ingredients include locally farmed beef and pork that is hormone free. The portions are a tad smaller than most trucks, but it’s expected, as these kind of ingredients are more expensive than regular beef and pork.

Their menu includes breakfast and lunch tacos. I checked them out for lunch and order the “al pastor” pork tacos with fresh pineapple and the fresh homemade chorizo.

I found the tacos very tasty, the meat tender and well spiced, I loved the fresh salsa and guacamole sauce on top.

To drink I order a glass of homemade iced hibiscus tea or agua de jamaica as they call it in latin america. This is a very refreshing drink, a tad tart, but light and full of flavour. I haven’t had some since last time I was home in El Salvador, and it tasted just like I remember.

If you have a chance, try it, it’s very good.

You can follow Off the Wagon Travelling Tacos on twitter @offthetacowagon

Off the Wagon on Urbanspoon

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