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Cultured Coffee & Tea

I take BCIT night classes regularly after my 9-5 job. Most of the time I look for something quick to eat before my class. Cultured Coffee & Tea fits the bill nicely.

There are many pizza and sushi places near the downtown campus, but I find pizza too heavy and sushi too messy to eat right before my class. At Cultured they have ready-made sandwiches and fresh pastries.

They offer counter service, but there’s a nice lounge area where you can relax and eat your food. The cafe is well kept and always clean, and I see the staff always working and keeping busy. They also stop to talk to the regulars, which is nice.

They are located inside Granville Skytrain station, right outside BCIT, so it’s very convenient for me to pick something up quick.

The cafe also offers fresh vegetables with dip and pastries. Their croissants are made in-house as well as their muffins. Most nights, after 5pm, they have buy-one-get-one-free specials. Try their chocolate croissants, they’re very good!

To drink, Cultured Coffee and Tea offers Fair Trade beverages. I think that’s important to mention, as being Fair Trade means decent wages and fair treatment for the workers of the tea/coffee plantations. You get to feel good about the stuff you’re drinking!

Follow them on twitter @CulturedTea

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