New Post: introducing AppeTHAIzing – A Thai food experience featuring Thai House in Kitsilano

This time around, takes you on a tasty trip to Thailand.

I laughed out loud as I watched Bill’s and Kev’s tasty adventures this time around, I also found it a little disturbing how much food the guys can stuff in their mouths at the same time. But they sure enjoyed the dishes, and the food looks amazing!

Since it was girl’s night, @lojoyce1 , @alicejhwong and myself decided to check out Thai House in Kitsilano. I was lucky to be chosen to preview new dining package: #AppeTHAIzing

For $18 is offering five tantalizing courses that include:

Thai House’s famous Lettuce Wrap – crispy iceberg lettuce with seasoned ground beef and chopped onions, peppers, basil and a tad of oyster and chilli sauces. This is a must have if you’re visiting Thai House! The fresh taste of the lettuce cuts the spice of the dish nicely, and it’s very fun to eat. I give this dish a big thumbs up! DEEElish!

Next up we have the Peeg Gai Yaad Sai – a deep fried chicken wing stuffed with vegetables and glass noodles. This is one HUGE chicken wing! I’m not sure how they stuff them, but stuff them they did, and the result is a crispy, tender, juicy chicken wing with delicious fillings bursting with flavour. The dish comes with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce for dipping.

One of the main dishes is the Keang Kari Gai Ma-Mung – A mango and chicken yellow curry with hints of coconut. This is a dish exclusive to the package, and it’s delicious. I’ve never had coconut curry and mango together, they make for a very sweet, but not overwhelming combination. It also comes with a generous portion of coconut rice.

As if that wasn’t enough food, next up we have the Pad Kee Mao, or “drunken stir fry”. This is the dish on the video the guys seem to be enjoying so much! Another exclusive dish to the package, this stir fry comes with lots of beef, noodles, veggies and onions, mixed together with a fish sauce and fresh basil. Lots of food. The stir fry was very well done, every single noodle was coated to perfection, and it didn’t lack any flavour. It had just the right amount of spice.

Lastly, to complete your Thai experience, the package ends with the Kluag Tid Ma-Mung Ice Cream. Crispy, deep fried banana and sweet mango ice cream. Be careful when eating this! The banana is very hot on the inside, so open it up and give it a couple of minutes to cool down.

This dining package is a home run, and at $18 is an excellent value for your money.You can purchase #AppeTHAIzing on the website starting today. Also for information on upcoming packages and awesome contests, follow Bill and Kev on twitter

Follow Thai House on twitter @thaihouse

Note: I was a guest of I did not paid for my meal at Thai House, but this is an honest representation of what I ate. These are my own opinions. Also I am a customer and I buy their packages regularly. They are really nice guys :)

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