Daytrip: Coconut Kenny’s in Ferndale, WA

On a Friday afternoon, I decided to head down to the states again for my gas & groceries run. Like the last few times I’ve gone cross the border, I decided to have another exciting dining experience by going to a local restaurant and not a fast food chain. This time around, I discovered Coconut Kenny’s. Coconut Kenny’s has 3 locations in Washington state: Ferndale, Bellingham and Sedro Woolley. The Ferndale location was the closest and easiest to get to, so I stopped by there after my grocery shopping. Located across from Haggen’s at Exit 262, and in the plaza near the CostCutters, you won’t be able to miss this location off Labounty Drive.

What I had in mind was quite the hole-in-the-wall, this place was not. This Hawaiian themed restaurant had a lot of seating, an extensive menu of pizzas and sandwiches and friendly service. What’s out of the ordinary is that you can order at the front desk, pay, and then be seated with a number. The server will then bring out your order to your table. As with most US restaurants these days, the pop is self-serve, unlimited (charge applies). This restaurant is licensed so you can have a beer or glass of wine.

Since I read quite a few reviews on how good their sandwiches were, I had to try it for myself. They offer sandwiches in full size or half size orders, which means that the sandwiches are quite big. My bf decided to order the half size Bar-B-Que Killer Pork sandwich, while I ordered ‘Da’ Big Kahuna 6″ Pan sized pizza so we could share and try different items from the restaurant.

The wait was a bit longer than we expected, but I guess it takes time for the pizza to bake. When the food arrived, the Bar-B-Que Killer Pork sandwich looked delicious! This sandwich consists of juicy shredded kalua (roast) pork topped with Coconut Kenny’s sweet and tangy BBQ sauce on top of a Hawaiian bun. Now I’m not too sure what a Hawaiian bun is but this bread was super soft so when you bite into the sandwich, both the bun and the pork melt in your mouth. There was the right amount of sauce to it to create the flavor but not overpower the sandwich. I’d order this sandwich again next time I’m back!

‘Da’ Big Kahuna pan pizza was quite a good size for sharing and trying their specialty pizza. The pizza crust was just the right amount of crunch with the thickness of a pan dish pizza. There was quite a bit of toppings – pepperoni, ham, italian and portuguese sausage, bacon, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, and black olives (although ours did not have red onions and green onions as per requested). Why you should try the pizza – the dough is really well done. However, the toppings were nothing special.

Stick to the sandwiches, which are outstanding! I’d love to try more varieties of sandwiches on their menu.

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