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Saturday was a great day for the Pride Picnic, and what goes great with picnics? Gelato of course!

On our way to the picnic, @customersright, @joshrimer and myself decided to make a pit stop to Gelarmony – formerly known as Mondo Gelato.

When I lived in the West End, I used to go to Mondo Gelato all the time. This was one of the original artisan gelato places in Vancouver. I was a little nervous when I found out that Mondo was no more and Gelarmony had taken over. The staff informed me that just the name had change and that the gelato recipes had stayed the same. They still make their gelato in small batches and they still use fresh ingredients.

There are over 100 flavours to chose from, and that can be a tad overwhelming. Gelarmony offers gelato, sorbetto , soy gelato and yogurt. 

Gelarmony only takes cash, and one scoop of their gelato will take you back $4.45 and two $7.80. Prices include tax.

My favourite flavour is the chocolate orange gelato. This gelato is so delicious and creamy, and the flavours go so well together.

Gelarmony Denman on Urbanspoon


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