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Ze Bite

Summer is in full swing, and nothing says summer like a food truck lunch!

I love how the street food in Vancouver has evolved so much, from Japadogs to gourmet fare, our food trucks have it all.

Another note worthy truck is Ze Bite. They offer gourmet French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist.

I was impressed with one of their top sellers: their boeuf Bourguignon. Chef  Mathieu Gicquel spends a lot of time marinating the meat in red wine to give it that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. For  $11 this dish is not cheap, and the portion is not massive, but it sure is satisfying.

The truck has a limited menu for the time being (a couple of stews and sandwiches), but Chef Gicquel is currently in the middle of revamping the truck’s offering. As long as he doesn’t touch the boeuf Bourguignon I’m ok with it :)

Follow Ze Bite on twitter @EatZeBite and download the Street Food App on iTunes – excellent little tool to navigate all the food trucks in the city – best part, it’s free.

Ze Bite on Urbanspoon


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