Food Fair Galore Awaits at the PNE this Year!

Thanks to @JoshRimer for writing this post!

As someone who makes an effort to keep a healthy diet, I’m probably one of the last people you’d expect to go try out all of the deep fried goodies and other treats that are available at the PNE.  So when I was invited to the PNE media tasting event, I couldn’t resist but take a leap out of my comfort zone and go on a feasting adventure of the unknown!

The first thing I was given was a Deep Fried Wagon Wheel at Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes.  And I loved it! It was actually lighter than I expected and not overly sweet.  It was warm and uber tasty… enough so that I grabbed a second piece.

Next at the same venue was a Bacon & Maple Syrup Delux Funnel Cake.  It was like a light and fluffy waffle, with a bit of whipped cream, and some bacon pieces sprinkled on top. Also very yummy and extra bad for me since I had cut pork out of my diet long ago!

Our next stop took us to Power Chocolate where we got to try out their chocolate fondues.  I have to say this one didn’t excite me very much.  There was the option of dark or milk chocolate, but nothing stood out to me about this one from any other fondue I’ve had.

After that we went over to La Casa Gelato where I got to try their Durian and Maple Bacon flavored gelatos.  The Maple Bacon one was delicious.  Mostly maple flavored, but with bits of bacon inside it.  The Durian one… well, I heard it described as a mix of onions and B.O. and I’d have to agree with that description. But that’s Durian for you – definitely an acquired taste.

And finally we headed over to Granny’s Foods to try out their Deep Fried Kool-Aid.  I was very curious about that… how do you fry a beverage? Turns out that it’s essentially a donut that has Kool-Aid flavoring in it.  So, something that sounds a bit more exciting than it is, but still tasty none the less!

Next was planning a trip to the gym to burn off the calories I’d put on during this visit.  I went home to grab my workout clothes… and instead proceeded to take a nap.  What can I say – eating junk food can really take a lot out of you!

Josh Rimer is a local YouTube Partner who creates song parodies and comedy videos at

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