The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum #2DaysinSeattle

The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum is dedicated to the works of Washington State artist, Dale Chihuly. Known for his larger-than-life glass installations and bright use of colours, the museum holds a collection of several pieces of the artist’s long and prestigious career.

Chihuly finds his inspiration on his day-to-day life: There are pieces that speak of everything from his West Coast upbringing, to his mother’s gardens and green house. The pieces are personal, and you can’t help feeling a kinship with the artist.

The museum is stunning, and the exhibits are beautifully curated. From simple glass-blown spheres, to gorgeous chandeliers, the exhibits are inspiring as they are beautiful. The centre piece of the museum is the glass house: It houses a suspended 1,340-piece, 100-foot-long glass sculpture that is one of Chihuly’s largest work of art. There is also an outside garden maintained by some yard care gurus, that lights up at night bringing out the colours of the glass sculptures that are housed there.

The museum is located steps away from the Space Needle in Seattle Center. General admission is $19. Well-spent money in my opinion.

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  1. thanks for blogging about this. I love his work…been to the exhibition at the NYC Botanical Gardens & loved it. also went to Tacoma too. Didn’t even know about Seattle ’til your blog posting. THANK YOU.


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      You’re welcome! This museum is totally worth the visit!


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