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T & T Supermarket 大統華超級市場

The T&T Supermarket food court is an excellent place to grab a quick Asian lunch anytime. I love the convenience of it all. Granted you won’t get gourmet, (think fast food people) but it’s good, and very cheap.

You want hot food? There’s a food counter that accommodates that, with a large variety of hot, mostly Chinese dishes. How about Dim Sum? Lots to chose from, everything from sticky buns to potstickers. Sushi? Got you covered there. I was really impressed with the variety. (BBQ eel anyone?). Also they carry Vietnamese subs and even salads. Tons and tons of variety.

On most days the place is packed, mostly with Asian families doing their shopping. The seating area in this particular supermarket is of a decent size, but it’s pretty busy and not kept up properly. Most of the time the tables are dirty and it’s up to one self to clean up.

You can always find a little gem to try out here. I discovered what is now one of my personal favourites: a chive and egg stuffed potsticker. So delicious! There are plenty of dishes for the more adventurous types –  if chicken feet are your thing, they’ve got them.

The portions are large, and the prices are low. Plenty of money left over to grab a bubble tea or a pastry for dessert.

T & T Supermarket 大統華超級市場 on Urbanspoon

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