and Kingyo Izakaya Present: SIMPLY KINGYO

This one has got to be one of my favourite packages of all time. And I’ve sampled quite a few of them! When I got the email to review the Simply Kingyo Dining package at Kingyo Izakaya on Denman, I called up @BillyForce , @JMinter and @JakeSheridan to join me for dinner. Something this delicious has got to be shared with friends!

My dinner started with the delicious Tomato Kimchi Tofu Salad – organic greens tossed in a sesame soy dressing, with ginger, tofu, and la piece du resistance – kimchi-marinated tomatoes. There were so many wonderful flavours and textures mixed in this dish, I couldn’t tell you what I loved the best. The tofu had a good consistency, not mushy, but firm, and the tomatoes had a mild spicy flavour that just gave the salad the perfect touch of spice.

Moving along we have the Tuna Tataki – lightly seared tuna mixed with green onions, garlic chips and serve with ponzu & ponzu jelly. Now very few things in life are as sublimed as perfectly seared tuna tataki –  and this offering from Kingyo Izakaya did not disappoint!  Loved the ponzu jelly, and the garlic chips added a nice crunch to it. I could’ve eaten 2o servings of this dish.

Now this is where things got interesting: the next dish was the Stone Grilled Kobe Beef –  and it’s literally that…. the Kobe beef comes to your table marinated and ready to grill on your own personal hot stone… a very hot stone. It only takes a couple of minutes to sear the beef on each side, and the presentation it’s sure to impress! Kobe beef is phenomenal. The cattle that produces this beef are pampered beyond belief to create the tender, soft, and extremely flavourful cut of meat that is associated with Kobe. It doesn’t get better than this.

The final course on your dining package is the Clam Ramen – ramen noodles in an original soy based clam soup with shrimp oil, garlic onion oil & fish powder. There were lots of fresh clams available, and the broth was very rich and filling.

A few final notes about the restaurant: aside from the great service, the atmosphere its great. Loved the long bar and wood accents. Also their drink menu is innovating and fun. And inexpensive –  tell me where else can you get a pint, (not a glass) of Saporo beer for $6 in Vancouver. I also had a gin and tonic infused with fresh basil that was delish.

The Simply Kingyo dining package is available on the website for a limited time only (November 1st – November 30th) for  $22 and it’s available for dinner hours only at Kingyo Izakaya on Denman. Excellent food, excellent value. Click here to purchase yours.

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DISCLAIMER: approached me to write about this dining package.This is an accurate description of my experience. 

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