Hawksworth Restaurant’s Brunch Menu

What do brunch, Downtown Vancouver, contemporary art and zombie movies have in common?

Hawksworth Restaurant.

Of course you’ve heard the name, everybody has. This restaurant was voted best of the year by Maclean’s magazine and is one of the top 50 restaurants in Canada. There is a zombie movie link to the restaurant, but I will reveal that later, I promise. First, let’s talk about brunch.

Vancouverites love their brunch, and it was only a matter of time before David Hawksworth perfected it. When you think about this establishment, brunch doesn’t first come to mind. We think of fine dining, artisan cocktails and an upscale experience – yet, Chef has managed to keep the integrity of  Hawksworth dining without the price tag. Most  of the items on the brunch menu range from $10 to $20.

The menu is versatile –  even classic items such as eggs and bacon have been given a new twist. The hash browns are dusted with fresh parmesan cheese and the bacon is applewood smoked. Craving Eggs Benedict? No problem, you have a choice of classic  or pacific sablefish ($19) with glazed asparagus. These were some of the best bennies I’ve tasted. The fish flavour was rich, and the asparagus gave this dish a whole new dimension of texture and flavour that was perfectly harmonized by the lemony zing of the hollandaise sauce.


Pancakes? How about Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($17) with fresh blueberries and Canadian maple syrup? Perfectly fluffy. This was a dish for those of us with bigger appetites. The fresh mint was a lovely detail.


If you’re looking for a truly unique brunch experience, may I suggest the “The English” ($22). A traditional English breakfast served complete with baked beans and grilled tomato, mushrooms and even black pudding.


For more traditional palates, there’s the House Chorizo Hash ($19). A hearty egg breakfast with grilled fennel and avocado on a smoked tomato vinaigrette. If you’re looking for bold flavours, this is the dish for you.


With everything at Hawksworth, it’s all about the details – From the linens to the decor. The restaurant boasts artwork by artists such as Harland Miller (“London’s coolest man”), Brian Boulton, Michael Brown and Rodney Graham –   who’s artwork Psychomania was inspired by a 1970’s British zombie movie of the same name. And there’s your zombie movie link :)

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Picture credit: http://enroute.aircanada.com

( Disclaimer: I was a guest of Hawksworth restaurant for this post. My opinions are my own. You can find another review on my blog here  for this restaurant for which I paid for everything myself)

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