The Parlour Yaletown

Parlour is a great addition to the Yaletown neighbourhood. Affordable and non-pretentious, this eatery has a  laid-back atmosphere, a simple, yet innovative menu and an inspired cocktail list.


Most people come in  for quick eats and drinks in the evening, but this restaurant is also open for lunch. ( It gets pretty busy at night, so if you’re looking to catch up with friends or simply relax I suggest to come in for lunch). I’ve heard of this place because @Billyforce and @JMinter often come here on the weekends and they recommended it.

So, all three of us got together with @JoshRimer for some lunch. They have a great pizza deal – $9 for an individual size pizza plus a fountain pop (no bottles). Great deal!

The pizza sizes are good, more than enough for a single person.

On the table:


Yaletown – Billy ordered this one. It looked fantastic. Fresh Albacore tuna with red onion, green onion, avocado and cilantro drizzled with a spicy aioli. If you’re in the market for something different, this is your pizza.


Wake N Bake  – Jay’s order. A brunch pizza of sorts, it comes with tomatoes, fresh basil, prosciutto and an egg done over easy all brought together with mozzarella cheese.


Standard – A classic pizza with pepperoni, button mushroom, red pepper, onion, bacon, olives, and Mozza cheese. My pizza wasn’t very greasy, which I liked. The dough compares to almost a flat bread. It isn’t thin like Neapolitan pizzas, and a tad more dense and chewy. I personally liked it. Also the sauce stands on its own. It’s thick and a tad spicy with a strong tomato flavour. I thought it was great for this particular choice of pizza.


Roasted – Roasted Chicken, Roasted Garlic, Sundried Tomato, Basil, Chili Flake, Mozza cheese. If you’re on a date I wouldn’t recommend this pizza, the garlic taste is very strong, and that’s not a bad thing!

We were pretty full after our pizzas, but Jay told me of this dish that you have to try if you come to Parlour Yaletown:


Brocco ($9) – Broccoli with garlic, shallots, jalapeño peppers and pine nuts in a sweet soy sauce. If my mom would’ve made broccoli taste this good, eating it would’ve never been an issue in our house. So delicious. Again, I wouldn’t recommend  this dish for a first date, due to the fact the flavours are so strong, but my oh my was it ever good! Just the right amount of spice, the soy sauce cut through the hotness of the dish nicely. Such a great combination of flavours. The pine nuts gave this dish a nice crunchy layer, and the broccoli wasn’t over cooked, leaving it with just the right level of crunchiness. Totally worth ordering. You know what? Order this even if you’re on a date. Chances are you’ll both love it.

The service was really good during our visit. We did not lack on water and pop refills, and our table was kept clean by our friendly waiter. I’d definitely come back to Parlour.

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