Patron Tacos and Cantina

Having dinner with @billyhur and @jminter is always a pleasure. This time we decided on a place close to their neck of the woods: Patron Tacos and Cantina.

The location is ideal: Located on Robson St, this restaurant is steps away from Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium. It’s pretty central from all the action downtown Vancouver has to offer.

The atmosphere is like an sports bar rather than a Mexican restaurant. Big screen TV’s by the bar and lots of high tables. A lot of wood and iron decor for the booths and the bar.

The menu claims to have a good mix of traditional Mexican dishes. Their tequila list is quite extensive as well.


Of course we had to try the tacos. The tacos are served in the traditional Mexican style – small thin corn tortillas with toppings. I had the Carnitas taco ($3.85). I thought that the price was a tad high. Most places charge $2 – $3 per taco.  Also, it didn’t come with all the sauces that usually accompany the taco experience. The taco was good, but to be honest, it didn’t compare to the tastiness of La Taqueria a few blocks down. Granted, La Taqueria makes one dish and one dish only, but when it comes to tacos, there’s really nowhere else.


The Torta Felipa ($10) comes in a traditional Mexican bun (bolitos), and it’s stuffed with steak, refried beans, avocado, cheese, jalapeño peppers and onions. I was surprised at how heavy it was. When I was in Mexico I used to eat these all the time after school, and even with the avocado and meat, the tortas were never as greasy. They come with waffle fries on the side, altogether a way too heavy dish.

Another dish we tried was the Burrito ($9.50). Packed full of lettuce, rice, meat, sour cream and chicken, it came with a side of refried beans. It also comes with your choice of flour or multigrain tortillas.


Overall, I found the food here ok, but not inspiring.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eduardo says:

    Hi Mary

    Thanks for you comments …. I would like to know in which part of Mexico have you been.

    Do you know that this restaurant is running by Mexican?

    Well… Thanks for you review


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      I spent 6 months in Cancun when I was a little girl. Then we moved to the DF (Mexico City) for 2 years and finally 3 months in Puebla.


      1. Eduardo says:

        Great… I am so glad to know it. As owner of Patron I would like to invite you to try our enchiladas or other mexican dishes.

        Please let me know…



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