EAT Chicken Wraps

Did you know September is National Eat Chicken Month? What better way to celebrate it than eat at EAT Chicken Wraps?

It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten at a food truck.  EAT Chicken Wraps it’s located by Robson Square  across from Chapters, a very convenient location with plenty of outdoor seating. Everything they make is from scratch, even their sauces. The truck is ran by the husband-and-wife team of Dan and Sammy, both veterans of the food industry in Vancouver.

The truck was busy when I got there, but the service was fairly speedy and super friendly.

The menu is a combination of multicultural fusions: rich tastes like the “Chicken al Pastor”, “Hoisin Chicken Roll”, “Chicken Caesar Wrap”, and “Kung Pao Chicken Lettuce Wrap”.  The menu has lots of variety.


Awhile back, I saw a tweet from @WFLBC about a secret menu item only available by request to social media peeps. The menu items I’m referring to is the Poutine al Pastor ($7) – a mix of french fries, chicken, special sauces, pineapple, green onions and cilantro.


There were so many levels to this dish – and it was huge! Definitely big enough to share with someone. I’m not sure I could call it poutine, as there were no cheese curds in the mix, but man oh man was it ever tasty.

I like that this cart makes special items for social media peeps. It really gives one the incentive to follow them.

The real winner (winner, chicken dinner… hahaha, I kill me :) for me was the Hoisin Chicken Roll ($7).  The chicken is marinated with five spices, then together with Asian salad, pickled radishes and green onion is wrapped in a crispy traditional Chinese pancake, then drizzled with hoisin sauce.


I’m going on the record to say that this is one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten, and one of the best street food Vancouver has to offer. What a treat! There was nothing I didn’t like about this wrap, and nothing I would change. We are talking about chicken perfection here folks. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

EAT Chicken Wraps is a must try food truck. I’m glad I did, and I look forward to my next visit.

Follow them on Twitter: @EATChickenWraps. For operation hours for this food truck and others in the Vancouver area, check out the free Street Food app, available for download on iTunes.
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