Product Review: Mrs. Palmer’s Pita Chips

We’re always on the lookout for healthier snacks made with all natural ingredients and zero additives. It’s part of our “healthier lifestyle” approach to living.

Last week I came across a new local brand of oven baked snacks called Mrs. Palmer’s Pita Chips.

Their currently on sale at Price Smart Foods, so we decided try all four flavours.

First and foremost we found the cinnamon flavour was amazing, with plenty of cinnamony sugary crunch. It’s like a cinnamon bun in chip form. This was our first choice if you had to pick one to try. I think we finished the bag in less than 30 minutes. At only 180 calories its a great snack for the weight conscious.

Our next favourite was smokey barbecue. A full flavoured barbecue taste that was both sweet and tangy. The bag was devoured in short order.

The next choice would be the Parmesan & Garlic. A more mellow flavour but worth trying. Though it lacked the full flavouring of the first two.

And finally the Sea Salt & Vinegar. A very light flavouring of vinegar with a slight aftertaste of salt. If your used to a deep vinegary taste then this isn’t going to meet your expectations. But as a healthy snack it’s still better than a traditional bag of chips.

What’s nice is that the bags come in small 43 gm bags that are great for those quick snacks as well as a larger 170 gm version.

The only drawback is the little pitas are pretty fragile and crumble too easily. So make sure the bag hasn’t been crushed.

What’s also significant is that they are oven baked, so their better for you. And finally it’s nice to know that they’re made locally in Cranbrook.

More info is available at


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