Miku Sushi’s New Waterfront Location

This post is way overdue.

Miku is one of the best sushi restaurants in the city, no doubt about it, and one of my  ultimate favourites. Consistently good and always innovating, Miku is a solid choice for Japanese cuisine.

Having a few minutes to myself after a meeting, I found myself downtown and hungry.  The new location is beside Canada Place, and it has gorgeous water and skyline views of Vancouver.


The restaurant is decorated with the same gorgeous murals as its sister restaurant Minami and offers the same Aburi-style sushi.  I knew I was in the mood for some flame-seared goodness.

I sat at the bar. I love watching the chefs at work. My server suggested I order the Aburi Chirashi Tart ($21)
a layered tower of spicy tuna, avocado, aburi salmon, prawn, scallop, flying fish roe, ikura, mike sauce.  The presentation of this dish is nothing short of inspired. The flavours mix so well together in perfect harmony. The textures and flavours of the tuna mixed with the buttery consistency of the avocado are a delight in your mouth. The roe bursts in your mouth delivering perfect little pearls of salty delight.  This isn’t just food – it’s art.


I love the Spicy Shrimp and Pork Gyoza ($14) – sweet miso-pork belly, potstickers drizzled lightly with chili pepper coulis which gives them a lovely spicy aftertaste. These little pockets are pan fried to golden perfection, and the miso gives the pork a light sweetness that compliments the spice. Once again, this dish is harmony on a plate. The light crispiness gives the gyoza great texture.


Executive Pastry Chef Chris Janik says you can’t say that you have a full restaurant experience without enjoying the dessert. I say he’s right.  I’ve had a few of Miku’s decadent desserts before, but the chocolate orange St. Honore is simply indescribably good. The dark chocolate ganache is creamy and has a rich and smooth chocolate taste.  A perfect ending to a perfect meal.


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  1. I see this is in Vancouver Canada.
    My post was way overdue also, about the best sushi restaurant in my town (no where near Vancouver). I kept putting it off because I have no clue how to write about food or restaurants. But the food is always so beautiful and good….I just had to say something.
    Your photos are great! If I lived closer, I would drive over and give it a try.
    But I am way down here in Virginia, USA. I’ve never even been to Canada! Maybe one day…..


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