Mitch Miller’s Canadian Grill

Last weekend I had the infrequent chance to make an adventure out to Abbotsford for a friend’s going away party. His favorite spot is Mitch Miller’s Canadian Grill, claiming their food is amazing and frequently goes there when he eats out. I haven’t been out on an eating adventure in Abbotsford, so I was skeptical about what great food would be like there.

Mitch Miller’s is a family-style restaurant. It’s menu features classic American-Italian dishes such as seafood pastas, hearty burgers, steak, poutine and even perogies! However, there were a few things that caught my attention about this restaurant when I glanced at their menu: root beer pulled pork sandwich, coconut curry rice bowl, and a large variety of gluten-free options! This place seemed to be able to offer something for everyone. They even offer a kids menu, reasonably priced dishes at $5.99 for the little ones.

We started by ordering a toasted focaccia and a poutine to share amongst 6 adults. The toasted focaccia was topped with melted cheese, tomato, green onions, and a balsamic reduction. It was large enough that some people even had 2nds, although I preferred something with less green onions. The Poutine was delicious – curds being just the right amounts of softness but not completely melted. However, there was a tad too much gravy towards the end. I suppose we should have mixed it up before digging in.

Mitch Miller's - Toasted Focaccia

Mitch Miller's Poutine

For mains, I ordered the lunch size gluten free fettucine with lobster, prawn and mussels in a lemon pepper cream sauce. The pasta also came with toasted gluten free bread and mixed green salad. I was warned by one of my friends that their portions are really big here – the lunch portion is good for one person, regular sized portion means leftovers the next day. The pasta came in a small bowl, which I found harder to eat out of, so I had to pour it out onto a plate. However, the seafood was plentiful and delicious – large chunks of lobster meat. Loved the lemon pepper cream sauce – however found the gluten free fettuccine a bit denser than regular pasta – props for trying to make a fresh gluten free pasta. The gluten free bread however was really delicious!

Mitch Miller's - Lobster Prawn Mussel Gluten Free Pasta

Due to my foodie curiosity, I had my husband order the Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, smothered with a whisky root beer bbq sauce and slaw. They even offer a large scoop of slaw to accompany it. The portion was huge! My husband had half the sandwich as leftover the next day. I really enjoyed the pulled pork and the slaw that accompanied it. It was the right amount of tanginess to mix with the sweetness of the pork. If I came back, I’d definitely want to have this dish again! At $13, this sandwich was a steal!

Mitch Miller's - Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

A couple of my friends ordered the coconut curry chicken rice bowl, which included large servings of vegetable and chicken with a coconut curry sauce. This dish looked quite delicious, however since I’m not a huge curry fan, did not end up trying it. However, both ordered the dinner portion and had leftovers.

Mitch Miller's - Coconut Curry Rice Bowl

One of the kids had a chicken dinner, which came with chicken breast, vegetables and mash potatoes. The portion was quite a decent size for a kids’ menu item and was at a great deal at $5.99.Obviously it was quite delicious as the 1 1/2 yr old gobbled up his food quite quickly. It looked really healthy too since there wasn’t anything fried on it.

For dessert, we all shared the Miller Bread with Strawberries & Whipped Cream. The Miller Bread was quite large for a dessert – luckily we shared it among 6 people and 2 kids. Everyone really enjoyed it. This dish reminded me of Hungarian langos – a deep fried dough, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar – however Miller Bread was nice and fluffy and the whip cream and strawberries definitely gave it a more dessert-like appearance. Next time I’m back I want to try the Apple Miller Bread.

Mitch Miller's - Miller Bread with Whip Cream & Strawberries

The service was friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming. I can understand why this is a family affair and great dining spot in Abbotsford. I’ll be back to try out a few more dishes including its slow roast lamb sandwich!

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