Glowbal Grill Steaks and Satays

This restaurant is part of the Glowbal Group. Located in Yaletown, this place is known for their steaks, atmosphere after dark, satays and their patio during the summer months.

I found myself with @billyforce and @JMinter feeling a bit peckish. We decided to check them out.

Looking for something substantial but not in the mood for steak, we decided to try some of their pasta dishes. But first we decided to order some of Glowbal’s famous satays.

Scallop bacon wrapped satay ($2.95) – Billy ordered this one. All satays come with their homemade mustard and peanut sauces on a bed of purple cabbage slaw.


We asked our server what he would suggest and he said to try the chicken lemongrass ($2.50) as it best compliments the peanut sauce. Jay and I decided to give it a go.


Super moist and juicy with just a hint of citrus, this little morsel was delicious. For only two bucks and a half, this is a great little appetizer.

For our mains, Billy decided on the lobster linguine puttanesca ($26.95)


Topped with charbroiled atlantic lobster tail, (Billy thought the tail was on the small size) roasted tomato aglio and olio olives and capers, I loved all these flavours combined. The saltiness of the olives gave this dish a nice punch of flavour.

Jay opted for the mushroom risotto ($16.95)


Topped with watercress and goat cheese, the mushrooms on the risotto were nice and meaty, giving this dish a nice texture.

For my main course I had the short rib pappardelle ($17.95)


 I loved, loved, loved this dish! braised short ribs, wild mushrooms, toasted pine nuts in a café âu lait sauce. The short rib was cooked to perfection, and the noodles were al dente. Big pieces of cremini mushrooms were a nice touch. Cremini mushrooms are as meaty and tasty as portobello, but the size of button mushrooms. Just delicious.

This was a very enjoyable experience. The portion sizes are decent. (I found it hard to finish my meal). I found the price was reasonable. And the service was very attentive, the manager was doing rounds and asking us if everything was to our liking. Our server refilled our water glasses without asking and they were always full.

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