Introducing Breakfast Courier – Breakfast made easy!

We’ve all been there. It’s a typical rainy Vancouver Sunday morning, you’ve had a fun/late night out and a) don’t feel like making breakfast and b) don’t want to leave the apartment to brave the weather or line-ups at your local breakfast joint. Wouldn’t it be great if there was breakfast delivery like the late night pizza delivery you had last night?

Enter Breakfast Courier. Breakfast Courier delivers hot, healthy breakfast made by local restaurants with locally sourced ingredients to the doorsteps of Vancouverites.

Formed by a team of professional bike couriers, local restaurant owners, a certified chef, dispatch experts and business professionals, Breakfast Courier is a one-of-a-kind service, that complements Vancouver’s budding food and biking culture.


I was so excited to hear about this new business! I think I’ve mentioned the need for a breakfast delivery business for years now, so I was happy to have a chance to chat with Jay and Raipan from Breakfast Courier and talk about about their business:


Phoenix Lam-Phipps: What inspired you to come up with such a creative business model?

Breakfast Courier: We love food and this business idea/model really came out of wanting to use such a service ourselves. We had talked about how nice it would be for busy days or days you just wanted to stay in, and slowly it became real.

PLP: So how does this service work?

BC: It’s fairly straight forward, our customers browse our custom menu online, call or order directly online, our restaurant partners prepare the food and our couriers pick up the food and deliver it in custom food delivery backpacks. (it takes approximately 30 mins from calling to receive food)

PLP: Do you do custom orders (i.e. allergies/vegan..etc).

BC: We are in fact looking at offering more customized food items as there is significant demand for it, so keep an eye out for vegan and gluten free options on our menu.

PLP: With food trucks being so popular in Vancouver now, did you ever consider doing a food truck instead?

BC: We are actually in talks with a few food trucks at the moment, for a potential partnership, so that option has been in consideration since our inception and is still on the table.

PLP: What is the most popular item on your menu?

BC: The most popular item on our menu is, hands down, the Biker’s Breakfast Burger – made with a beef or sausage patty, egg, bacon and veg with your choice of hashbrowns or salad on the side.

PLP: What is your typical clientele?

BC: We are still trying to figure who our typical clientele are. We are getting a lot of orders from all types of people from all walks of life – everyone from the busy office staff, crews on construction sites, people who had a rushed morning or a late night and even tourists. For now we are just happy to be here and to be a valuable service to the public.

PLP: Any odd or interesting delivery stories you want to share?

BC: We haven’t encountered any dramatic stories as of yet, but our bikers are starting to get crushed on and hit on quite often, a good looking bunch indeed.

PLP: Currently you deliver from Kits to Commercial area (including downtown) any plans for expansions on the horizon so suburbanites like me can get my hands on some delicious breakfast without turning on the stove or leaving the apartment?

BC: We are actively looking to expand through greater Vancouver and beyond! We will keep you updated with our progress on that front.


That’s it folks. So the next time you forget to get catering for a breakfast office meeting or need a treat on the weekend, call the folks at Breakfast Courier and give them a try!


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  1. adventuresofconnie says:

    I wish Sydney had a service like this!


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