Song In Gak Restaurant

A few weeks ago my friends and I met up for a Friday night dinner at Song In Gak, a Korean style Chinese restaurant located near Coquitlam Centre. A small restaurant, we took up one of three larger round tables that were able to seat 6+ people. If you are a large group either make reservations or come early in the evening, as this restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night does fill up quickly.

As we wanted to try a few of their staple dishes, we ordered a Group Combo which included a large serving of Sam Sun Ja Jang Myun (noodles in blackbean sauce), their popular Pork Tang Su Yuk (sweet and sour deep fried pork), and their other popular meat dish, Kang Poong Ki (sweet and spicy deep fried chicken). In addition we also wanted to order their Bibimbap in a hot stone pot, a traditional Korean rice dish served with seasonal vegetables, sliced beef, and fried egg mixed in a spicy sweet hot sauce.

The Sam Sun Ja Jang Myun came quickly and was a large portion of noodles smothered in blackbean sauce. At first, I thought it might be quite salty since there was quite a bit of sauce. However, upon trying the noodles, they had a nice flavor and not overpowered with salt and blackbean as traditional Chinese noodles with blackbean I’ve had in the past. dfSong In Gak - Sam Sun Ja Jang Myun

I really enjoyed the Kan Poong Ki. It reminded me of an Asian version of boneless buffalo wings, but sweet. With an orangy red coating of sweet and spicy marinade, the deep fried chicken was sweet yet had quite a nice kick to it! The chicken pieces were also not overcooked, nice and moist. Song In Gak - Kan Poong Ki

My favorite dish of the night was Pork Tang Su Yuk, sweet and sour deep fried pork resembling the Chinese sweet and sour pork dish, but instead of a ketchup based sauce, it used a honey based sauce. The dish also used sliced apples, along with the green peppers, onions, cucumbers and carrots with the deep fried pork. I could eat this dish on its own! Song In Gak - Pork Tang Su Yuk

The Bibimbap was like most other restaurants in terms of the traditional use of ingredients such as spinach, shredded carrots, mushrooms and sliced beef, along with a fried egg laid on top. A side of sweet hot sauce was provided for us to mix up in the bibimbap. However for $13, it’s a bit pricey compared to other Korean restaurants in Coquitlam.Song In Gak - Bibimbap

Overall, I enjoy some of the Chinese-fusion dishes and would come back to order the Pork Tang Su Yuk. They also offer evening late night delivery from 8:30pm to 12:00am!

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