Aroy Thai Kitchen

I love little hole in the wall restaurants. Especially when it comes to ethnic food. The hole in the wall places are always where you find the most authentic cuisine. And besides, who doesn’t want to support small businesses?

Aroy Thai in Port Moody, as with other hole in the wall places, is amazing and authentic! Most of their business comes from take out orders, but they do have a few tables for you to eat in if you wish.
Beware though, Aroy Thai takes their spices seriously! If you order hot, you’re going to get Thai hot. For those who have more North American sensibilities when it comes to spice, mild is probably plenty hot. Try medium hot if you’re adventurous.
I took a few of my friends here last weekend and we shared a few items for dinner: Pineapple fried rice, Pad Thai, Tom Kha Goon (hot coconut prawn soup) and salmon coconut yellow curry (which come with rice).
For dessert we ordered and shared deep fried banana with ice cream and mango sticky rice. We ended up paying under $20 bucks each including tax and tip for all those items (there were four of us), so I felt it was a pretty good value!
My favourite is probably the salmon curry. They sear it/pan fry it before putting the fish in the curry, so it’s not mushy and remains a little crispy. The texture contrast works really well against the creamy curry. The coconut soup was also quite yummy and flavourful. We ordered mild but it was quite spicy for those in our party who didn’t eat a lot of spice. It was however so, so good! It wasn’t hot for hot sake, the spices had a purpose, and made the broth so flavourful; it just warms you up.
In terms of the pineapple fried rice and pad thai, they were decent too. Pretty much what you would expect if you went to order it anywhere like in Tropkia or Banana Leaf. I don’t think those dishes really shows off Aroy Thai. They really excel in more traditional Thai dishes such as Pad Ka Pow Gai (basil chili chicken) and green papaya salad.
Dessert wise, while both were quite good, I would say if you were only going to order one, do the fried banana and ice cream. There is caramel drizzle on top of vanilla ice cream; need I say more? Ok I will. The bananas are expertly fired; crispy on the outside, soft and mooshy on the inisde. Hot, crunchy little morsels of delicious paired with the cool ice cream = *Drools*.
If you’re in Port Moody and craving Thai, definitely give Aroy Thai a shot! You won’t regret it.

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