Whiffies Fried Pies – Portland

While on our trip to Portland last weekend, my hubby and I went on a mission to discover some unique food carts. In a city where there’s hundreds of food carts on the streets, we didn’t want the average Mexican or Gyro food cart. We wanted something different that we haven’t found in Vancouver or other parts of the US. Listed as a recommendation for late night bar hoppers and those wanting some evening dessert, Whiffies Fried Pies is a food cart located on the busy intersection of SE Hawthorne Blvd and SE 12th Ave – located in one of the many food cart pods in the city.


Whiffies - logo

Whiffies offered a menu of savory and sweet fried pies. We came after catching an evening show at the Funhouse Lounge, we wanted to order a couple of dessert pies to try. As they had a limited menu that evening, we ordered a classic Granny Smith’s Apple Pie and another popular sweet pie called ‘Mounds’, which was a coconut pudding with Ghiradelli chocolate pie. Both took about 5-10 minutes to fry up and were piping hot and served in a paper bag.

Whiffies - Apple Pie

Upon biting into my Granny Smith’s Apple Pie – the sauce started oozing out. It was a crispy, flaky pie crust shaped in a pizza pocket-styled shape.  Large chunks of apple greeted my every bite, not overly sweet and had the right tartness to it. As an apple pie fan, this was a home run for $4. My hubby enjoyed his Mounds pie, especially the coconut pudding. I was surprised at how it wasn’t overly sweet. A little messy to eat at times, but that’s the way it should be sometimes for great dessert! Highly recommend to stop by in the evenings if you want a nice dessert treat. Next time I am coming back to try one of their savory pies!

Whiffies is opened 7 days a week. Check their website: www.whiffies.com or their Twitter feed @Whiffies for most recent hours of operations.
Whiffies Fried Pies on Urbanspoon

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