Friday Local Spotlight: Sincerely Pasta



Meet Maria and Andres –  the brains and brawn behind Sincerely Pasta.

This husband and wife team believe in connecting themselves, their surroundings and their neighbours through food. They also believe that food should be nourishing and good for you – as well as tasty.

One important part of their journey has been experimenting with gluten free food. You see, awhile back, Maria was very sick. After several visits to the hospital and many years of constant gastrointestinal problems, Maria and Andres decided to look for an alternative and went to see a naturopath. The doctor suggested an elimination diet which led them to discover that Maria was sensitive to gluten. Andres, being the awesome husband that he is, decided to support his wife and cut gluten from his diet as well.

Even though Maria was feeling much better, one of the things the couple missed the most from their new gluten-free lifestyle was good pasta. Nothing on the market appeased their palate, so they decided to create their own.


And am I ever glad they did! Sincerely Pasta should be called “I sincerely can’t believe there’s no gluten in this pasta!”.  Their pasta has no wheat, it’s made from quinoa flour, organic eggs, and chickpea and brown rice flours to name a few of their ingredients. They use organic and local produce when they can, as well as seasonal produce, making this product not just tasty, but earth friendly as well.

Their products come frozen and it takes mere minutes to prepare. The ravioli with sun dried tomato and ricotta cheese was my favourite. I simply dropped the ravioli in boiling water for five minutes, drained and served with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Such a simple dinner yet so tasty.


I gotta say, after trying their products, I’m a fan. You can find Sincerely Pasta products here. Follow them on Twitter @SincerelyPasta



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