Contest! #thiscallsforribs at Earls Restaurants until June 17

Good food is something that should be shared with friends. I was invited by @TheMarcSmith to sample Earls #thiscallsforribs promotion, along with @br_webb, @foodgays, @cathybrowne, @christameister and @diannechow.  I couldn’t think of a better group of people to share this experience with. We all know each other and it was great to catch up and eat and drink together again.

DSC_0016The ribs dish at Earl’s is a customer favourite and is one the chain does very well.  The ribs are slow roasted for 6-8 hours resulting in meat that is tender and comes off the bones effortlessly. The ribs are then coated in the most delicious BBQ sauce and grilled.

For a limited time, you can try a full rack of ribs and two delicious side dishes for only $25. My dish came with coleslaw and the most delicious warm potato salad you’ve ever tasted. – baked potato, sour cream, bacon and chives are only a few things that make this salad a winner. It was so good I had seconds.

But ribs aren’t the only thing that’s going on at Earls right now. We had a chance to taste some of Earls new and innovating cocktails. Such as the Cabin Fever – Crown Royal, tawny port, ginger, pineapple, fresh lemon, and bitters over ice. Yes, that is a pinecone in my drink.



The Mad Hatter – a tea infused concoction with pear, kaffir lime syrup, and vodka. The presentation is wonderful – the cocktail comes in a steaming tea pot. It also tastes amazing.



If cocktails aren’t your cup of tea, Earls has a great selection of craft and local beers, like the Gypsy Tears Red Ale from Parallel 49 Brewery.



Also for a limited time, Earls is featuring a key lime pie that is too good to pass out. It’s a must to end your meal with.


I had a great time at Earls – and I want you to have a great time too! Right now you can enter for a chance to win a $75 GC to Earls to sample their #thiscallsforribs promotion. Three ways to enter, do all three for extra chances.

1. Tweet the following:

“I follow @maryinvancity – #thiscallsforribs! RT for a chance to win a $75GC to @Earlsrestaurant”

2. Follow MaryinVancity on Facebook

3. Leave a comment below telling me an event that calls for ribs and tag it #thiscallsforribs

Contest ends Friday May 19 at 5pm. Good luck everyone!

Follow Earls Restaurants on Twitter @EarlsRestaurant

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33 Comments Add yours

  1. Brandon says:

    My bday in a few weeks #thiscallsforribs


  2. Arjun Rudra says:

    Sunday night football


  3. Cindy Smith says:

    Father’s Day #thiscallsforribs


  4. gish says:

    Mother’s Day #thiscallsforribs


  5. Game of Thrones night #thiscallsforribs


  6. Sandy says:

    My boyfriend will be done his exams in a few days! #thiscallsforribs


  7. Sandy says:

    My boyfriend will be done his exams soon! #thiscallsforribs Thanks for hosting this contest!


  8. natvana says:

    Book club. #thiscallsforribs


  9. #thiscallsforribs Scandal Marathon.


  10. While watching the Harry Potter Movies #thiscallsforribs


  11. Ribs while watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs (GO HABS!) #thiscallsforribs


  12. Watching the NBA Playoffs calls for ribs. NOM! #thiscallsforribs


  13. #thiscallsforribs ANY Occasion is a time for yummy saucy ribs.


  14. I would eat them in a tree, they are so good, so good you see #thiscallsforribs


  15. My brother’s 18th birthday is coming up and he’s the BIGGEST rib person I know. #thiscallsforribs


  16. I’ll be back in Vancouver for the summer after a 9 month stay in the UK for law school. Also, I worked at Earls on Kingsway and it was the most amazing work experience and establishment I’ve ever worked at. #thiscallsforribs P.s. I must agree that the warm potato salad is the bomb. I usually skip the coleslaw and order two sides of the potato salad because its that amazing! The bacon really adds a kick to it. Guilty pleasure I tell ya! ;)


  17. Jane U. says:

    Today’s surgery has been cancelled; no scarring – yay! #thiscallsforribs tonight :D


  18. Superbowl #thiscallsforribs


  19. Ruby BB says:

    Let’s celebrate bein a couple with a ribs date nite! (Or my bday) #thiscallsforribs


  20. Jane Mehai says:

    Father’s day #thiscallsforribs


  21. tony says:

    2014 FIFA world cup #thiscallsforribs


  22. Jeannelle says:

    My best friends birthday #thiscallsforribs


  23. janice montroy says:

    to be able to treat my son to a night out #thiscallsforribs


  24. Girls night out, long overdue!! Those ribs look so so good!! cheers!


    1. oops! #thiscallsforribs
      FYI! Maybe a typo, Contest ends Friday May 19 at 5pm?!


  25. An event that calls for ribs is college graduation! #thiscallsforribs I followed Maryinvancity on Facebook and tweeted.


  26. Tina L. says:

    dinner time #thiscallsforribs


  27. Emilia says:

    A Soccer party #thiscallsforribs


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      Congrats Emilia! You’ve won the contest! I will be emailing you shortly.


  28. tin says:

    birthday #thiscallsforribs


  29. Bons says:

    Father’s Day! #thiscallsforribs


  30. Andrew says:

    work party #thiscallsforribs


  31. Tintin says:

    Father’s Day #thiscallsforribs


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