Tinhorn Creek Winery and Wine Review

Oh Tinhorn Creek. Forever a soft spot in my heart for this winery. I was first introduced to wine tasting and wine tours  in the Okanagan here. I visit about once a year and I’ve watched them build a world class restaurant, Miradoro, and an outdoor amphitheatre. At one point, I was pretty sure my husband was going to propose there ( he didn’t), so needless to say Tinhorn Creek is a winery that holds a special place in my heart.


In my last Okanagan trip, we visited Tinhorn Creek for a concert. Every summer, Tinhorn Creek puts on concerts once a month. You can bring your own picnic basket, a blanket and watch some of the best acts while overlooking the gorgeous valley in Oliver, BC. The night we went, one of my favourite bands, The Booms Booms were playing. While it had been raining intermittently the whole day (a rarity in Oliver!), the rain stayed away during the show. It may be the bottle of Pinot Gris my husband and I shared, or the amazing food coma I was put in after the fantastic food from Miradoro, but wow, what I show. The view was awesome, the crowd was fun and I was reminded how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful province.

If you are going to visit Oliver this summer, I definitely recommend checking with Tinhorn Creek to see if they have a concert series going on the night you are in town (or maybe timing your trip with it). They have Hey Ocean in July, Odds in August and Colin James (sold out) in September. The great thing is, they even have shuttles that will pick you up from different points in Osoyoos so you don’t have to worry about who to make DD. And….you get to meet some nice fellow concert goers on the big yellow school bus! Hehe.


Yes, I know I said this is a wine review as well, but I really have a hard time picking out wines to feature because I really do enjoy most of their wines. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year so definitely swing by and try their wines at their winery if you have a chance. They are not stingy with their pours and you can try most, if not all their reds and whites . Their staff are also super knowledgeable and friendly. My picks for Tinhorn are, the Cab Franc, the Gewürztraminer, the Oldfield Series Kerner Icewine, the Oldfield Series 2Bench Red 2010, the Pinot Noir and of course their Pinot Gris. Ah crap I just listed way too many wines.

It’s a problem, you see! I really do enjoy all their wines. For the price point and quality, you won’t find anything better. We always have a bottle of the Cab Franc (various vintages) and Gewürztraminer (various vintages) on hand. They are crowd pleasers and just delicious and drinkable. To me they are more unique then something from Mission Hill or Jackson Triggs, not to say those wineries don’t make good wine, they do. It’s just you see them so often now at dinner parties, weddings and corporate events! It’s always nice to bring something to an event not everyone has tried that doesn’t break your bank and ALSO taste great.

I spoke about Miradoro early in the post as well. They opened a restaurant a few years ago and the food here is great. Up until about a few years ago, Burrowing Owl really had the monopoly on restaurants in the area. But Miradoro changed that. The restaurant has great staff, fantastic food and a beautiful view! We typically stop in for lunch and their Neapolitan style pizzas are a must try.  It is delicious and just a perfect way to fill your belly with some food before going forth and trying even more wine!


There you have it folks. This, I guess is kind of a love letter to Tinhorn Creek. I just can’t quit you Tinhorn (haha I am a dork).

You can follow them on Twitter: @TinhornCreek.

Photo credit: Chris Mason Stearns.



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