Sushi Boss

I came across Sushi Boss while I was looking up a new sushi restaurant to try in Coquitlam. Rated highly on Urbanspoon with rave reviews from diners, I needed to go try this out for myself to find out how good this was.

Sushi Boss is located in a small plaza at the corner of Robson Drive and Pinetree Way in Coquitlam, part way up Westwood Plateau. With limited parking spaces, this hole in the wall sushi restaurant isn’t too hard to spot as the rest of the area consists of residential housing.

Sushi Boss 1

A small restaurant with limited seating inside, they’ve also setup a couple of tables outside as well for those diners wanting to eat out on a nice day. I suspect most people who live in the area probably take-out their food as to not having to wait for a table.

We arrived around 6:30pm and it was quite busy. We managed to grab a small table in front of the cash area. Service was quick and friendly. We were offered self-serve complimentary tea and water. Sushi Boss touts itself as healthy options including free-range meat and wild salmon on its menu. They also offer several specialty rolls including a Hickory Bacon Roll (yes, Bacon!) consisting of 3 strips of bacon, asparagus, avocado, spicy tuna, topped with honey mustard and spicy sauce.

As my hubby and I weren’t too hungry, we opted to try two combos to share. We ordered the Sashimi Combo and the Sushi Boss Combo. Our order was taken quickly, and to our surprise we were offered a couple of freshly fried gyozas and side salad to start.

Sushi Boss 2


The Sashimi Combo came with slices of wild salmon and tuna sashimi, along with an Ebi (shrimp) nigiri, Tuna nigiri, and Wild Salmon nigiri and California roll. The sashimi was fresh, and we loved the wild salmon versus the farmed salmon commonly served at most restaurants. This combo cost $13.50, a bit more than other restaurants around the area, however, the quality is higher than other places. Sushi Boss 3


The Sushi Boss Combo consists of Alaska Roll, Dynamite Roll and Chef’s Choice – a secret not revealed until you are served, so it can be different with each order. For our order, the Chef’s choice turned out to be 2 Chopped Scallop Nigiris and 2 Aburi Nigiris (seared tuna). We really enjoyed the Alaska Roll with the smoked salmon, as well as the Aburi nigiris. I’m normally not a tuna fan, however when it’s seared correctly and topped with a light vinagrette sauce, it was delicious! At $14 this plate for one person is actually quite filling. Sushi Boss 4Overall we were both quite full after the two combos. Although a bit pricier than other sushi restaurants, we liked the quality of the dishes, and will be back to try more specialty rolls in the future.

Sushi Boss on Urbanspoon


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