New Food Offerings at the PNE for 2014

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over, yet here it is; and what better say good bye to the dog days than by heading down to the PNE and enjoying some of the tasty food and fun rides.

Food is ranked as one of the most important Fair experiences, and the PNE is well known for the wide diversity of its vendors. This year, the Fair at the PNE welcomes 71 food vendors, including 20% new food options.

Some of the most exciting options this year include:

Unroutine Poutine

The name speaks for itself, this isn’t your ordinary poutine. It uses fresh-cut, Kennebec potatoes, a choice of beef or vegetarian gravy and wide variety of delicious toppings. Unroutine Poutine turns this Canadian classic dish into something more exciting. The Parisian Poutine is one of their best sellers, and includes braised beef, mushrooms, and crispy onions.


Cannoli King

From the owners of Italia Bakery, comes the new Cannoli King Food Truck. Italia Bakery has been a staple of the East Van community for so long, it was just a matter of time before they joined the ranks of the legendary food vendors at the Fair. And the cannoli? Oh dear, it’s so good, it has to be tasted to be believed.


Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes

An oldie but a goodie, This vendor continues to make itself relevant by creating new an innovating Fair treats. Last year it was deep-fried pop tarts and jelly beans; this year is mouth-watering deep-fried chocolate cookie dough. The dough is dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried. Yum!


Revolution Corn

Roasted corn with a twist, this vendor will have you saying “viva la revolucion!” I definitely recommend trying the Cuban Corn (mayo, cheese, lime and Cuban spices), or the Canadian Corn (butter, maple syrup and bacon). Their corn is picked fresh daily from Chilliwack, so you know you’re only getting the freshest of ingredients!


Gourmet Burgers

Back by popular demand, Gourmet Burgers is truly “reinventing the burger”. With a choice of new and exotics meats (kangaroo, python, ostrich and gator to name a few), Their premium patties are only the beginning. The fan favourite “Kitchen Sink” burger includes  an 8oz top sirloin beef patti, a fried egg, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, mayo, sharp cheddar, BBQ sauce and provolone cheese. The burger comes with fresh kettle chips and its only $14 – two people can easily makes this a meal, making it one of the most affordable options at the PNE.




Hunky Bill’s

One of the Fair’s most iconic vendors, Hunky Bill has been feeding hungry Fair goers for 48 years. Perogies, Ukrainian sausages, cabbage rolls, and pulled pork are only part of the menu. This year, they’re presenting a new gluten-free perogy to accommodate dietary restrictions.


Cin City Donuts

A must at the Fair, Cin City Donuts takes this carnival staple to the next level. Served in a bowl with sundae-style toppings, Fair goers can choose from Strawberries and Whipped cream, S’mores (chocolate sauce, marshmallows and graham crackers), and the Canadian (bacon and maple syrup). Of course, the old time favourite cinnamon sugar donuts are still available.


Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a meal or an iconic treat to satisfy your cravings, the Fair at the PNE has something for everyone!


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