IHOP Introduces New Waffullicious Waffles

IHOP® restaurants are one of the most popular breakfast places for families. Even thought they’re famous for their pancakes, their menu offers a wide variety of waffles, such as  Belgian waffles, Chicken and Waffles. And last year’s Sweet Cream Topped Waffles.

And now, IHOP restaurants is introducing another item that’s guaranteed to delight their guests: the “Waffullicious Waffles”: for the first time, those same great ingredients guests love on top of their waffle are now baked right in, so each bite of a “Waffullicious Waffle” is filled with the same terrific flavour inside every bite as well as on top.

“Waffullicious Waffles” come in two distinctive, delicious varieties—one savoury and one sweet:


· Bac’ n’ Cheddar: A traditional thick, crispy Belgian waffle with savoury chopped hickory bacon and cheddar cheese baked-in, then topped with bacon pieces.

· Very Blueberry Cheesecake: A traditional thick, crispy Belgian waffle with plump blueberries and NY cheesecake pieces baked-in, then topped with cheesecake pieces & blueberries in lightly sweetened syrup.

“Waffullicious Waffles” will be available in restaurants for a limited time only (Until November 2nd), so hurry in! They can be ordered as a separate menu item, or as a half waffle served with one of IHOP’s famous 2 egg any style made to order combo breakfasts, all served with hash browns:

· Ultimate Bacon & Sausage Combo

· Ham & Eggs Combo

· Bacon & Eggs Combo

· Sausage & Eggs Combo.

· Regular Combo

· Egg Combo

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  1. What an interesting idea! Thank you for sharing.


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