#TurnontheRAJIO Turn on the LOVE

After a bit of a break, VANEATS.ca is back with a new dining package! I really missed them, their dining packages are always so innovating and a great value. DSC_0033Rajio – Japanese for radio, it’s the name of the izakaya-style restaurant that has partnered up with VANEATS.ca to offer a four course dining package that’s guaranteed to please. The #TurnontheRAJIO dining package is a great izakaya sampler and great for sharing. And at only $20 (that’s right, $20), this is a deal that will sell out soon.

Your four courses include: Kushikatsu – Rajio’s House specialty! Chef’s recommendation of 4 deep fried, panko breaded, perfectly bite sized, crunchy assorted skewers. Mine included pork and lotus root. The dipping sauce is served on a communal jar, so make sure you only dip once! DSC_0007 Bagna Cauda – now THIS is the way to eat your veggies! The portion is very generous and comes with the most amazing dipping sauce made with garlic, olive oil, sweet Japanese white miso and anchovies. I absolutely loved the dip. DSC_0010 VANEATS Sashimi Salad – Chef’s “omakase” sashimi (which means “leave the selection to the chef”). Mine had tobiko, tuna, salmon and scallops tossed with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and citrus in a olive oil and soy dressing. DSC_0001 Heavenly Ebi Ramen – The shrimp broth was truly heavenly and just what the doctor ordered for these cold nights. The portion is small but surprisingly filling. It includes slices on tender cha-shu pork, it comes drizzled with shrimp-infused garlic oil. This dish is worth the trip to Rajio and I would order it again in a second. DSC_0015   The #TurnontheRAJIO package is on sale now. Check out the VANEATS.ca website or click here.   Promo Rajio Japanese Public House on Urbanspoon

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