Edo Japan Wants to Make Your Day #SimplyBetter


Edo Japan has recently launched a new campaign to engaged their social media following. The #SimplyBetter campaign focuses on simply better moments – those little moments in your day that make you stop and smile. Edo wants to be part of your day and celebrate what makes each day simply better by turning the moments that make you happy into reality.

On September 1, 2014, Edo launched simplybetter.ca, a site where customers and fans can submit a better moment of their own. From now until November 2nd, Edo will select submissions from simplybetter.ca and make simply better moments happen for one lucky winner every week.

The concept is simple and it truly makes you focus on the good things in your life. When I submitted my #simplybetter moment, of course I thought of Dylan and the things I want to do with him, like taking him to the zoo, and getting ice cream. This little exercise in positivity really does make your day better!

Submissions are limited to 110 characters, and it can be anything from ‘spending a day at the zoo with my kids’ to ‘going for dinner and a movie’ – whatever it is that makes your day a little bit brighter!

Edo is dedicated to serving their customers fresh, healthy meals made with simply better ingredients, and they are excited to be going above and beyond by making simply better moments come true for the people who live, work and play in their communities.

Follow them on Twitter: @edo_japan

Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialedojapan


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