The ultimate Grey Goose Vodka Experience is Coming to Vancouver

There’s no question Grey Goose is one of the most luxurious brands of vodka in the world. And what better way to celebrate the iconic Grey Goose martini than for the brand to partner up with luxury French crystal maker Baccarat to create the Grey Goose Guilloché.  


The Baccarat martini glass is a limited edition, re-invented martini glass that celebrates the true spirit of the  signature Grey Goose Dry Martini.​ With only 600 pieces worldwide, this new glass features an innovative shape, closing the angle of a traditional martini glass to a 20 degree tighter V-shape to help concentrate the drink’s aromas and keeps the drink cool longer. 


And we’re in luck here in Vancouver. The city will play host to this one-of-a-kind Baccarat martini glass. Available only at Blue Water Cafe, Hawksworth Restaurant and West, this exclusive cocktail experience includes a table-side martini serve presentation with a Grey Goose dry martini. This is the ultimate gift for the vodka connoisseur on your Christmas list.

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