Central City Brewery New Product Launch

It was a pleasure to visit Central City Brewery’s release of two new products. So by the light of the full moon I sat down to taste their new beer called Saison. It was a lighter spicy beer seasoned with pink peppercorns (which is not a type of pepper but a berry). The fruity-citrusy standalone beer is made with the highest quality malt yeast that Brewmaster Gary could buy.DSC_0002 The tasting came along with lovely appies and a light crowd of talkative and inquisitive folks. Gary provided everyone with a wonderful and informative tour of the entire brewery, showing us every nook and cranny filled to the brim with all types of ongoing projects the brewery is interested in hatching. DSC_0003 Did you know that they are interested in getting into the whisky business? The other tasting on the menu was the Apple Cider. This is a dry hoppy cider which is not bitter at all. This was very different from your average day-to-day IPA that the brewery is best known for. I would characterize this cider (not a beer mind you) as very summery and has a very light sweet apple taste. Mind you it is supposed to have a hoppy smell to it, but my palette wasn’t able to pick up on that. This citrusy cider was delicious and I was surprised how easy it was to down half a glass in no time at all. DSC_0022 DSC_0008 Gary was an excellent host and it’s obvious he loves his job. Everyone at the brewery is hired based on passion, and you can see that come through so easily in the pride and care they take in not only building an amazing brewery (take a tour, it really is amazing), but also in the hearts of those who experiment with making beers that excite our senses.


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