Wine Review: Yellow Tail Bubbles and Pink Bubbles


Hooray for delicious and affordable bubbles!

Yellow Tail has been one of my favourite brands for awhile. Their Shiraz has been my go-to red wine for a very long time.

Their sparkling white and rose wines offer a fizzy texture, a hint of sweetness and a delectable flavour that satisfies the palate and doesn’t break the bank (A bottle will set you back less than $20). The sparkling white has a Pale lemon colour with soft apple, pear and apricot aromas and flavours, a hint of citrus and a soft finish. Easy to drink on its own or paired with fruit, salads, white fish or gelato.


The Rose has hints of red cherry, tropical spice. It has a bouquet of strawberries, cherries and sweet spice. It’s followed by a nice crisp finish. This wine goes well on its own, or paired with light desserts or berries.

Follow them on Twitter: @yellowtail_ca



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