Two More Award Winning Chefs Join Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls Chef Collective

Earls is definitely not your traditional chain restaurant.

Earls does not operate in any traditional “chain” style. Fresh, made from scratch, often local ingredient driven interesting menus offer irresistible food. Although menus include popular dishes they are known for, Earls actually offers close to 50 different menus across their 63 locations allowing for dishes created for regional and demographic tastes, as well as local products and suppliers. Earls offers a global menu with modern versions of ethnic cuisine staples of the core menu.

Another thing that differentiates Earls from the rest of the pack is their Chef Collective A team of diverse chefs, who come from both fine dining and hotel dining; independent restaurant dining, vegetarian dining and even high-end sports stadiums, who work from Earls’ state-of-the-art Vancouver Test Kitchen. Individually they bring international experience such as Noma (Denmark), Alain Ducasse (France) and Zuni Café (California) – and they bring specialties in ethnic and vegetarian cuisine as well as both classic cooking techniques and modern new methods for use with the latest equipment. 

In 2013 Chef Dawn Doucette (Top Chef Canada, Zuni café) was already working in the Earls Test Kitchen. Chef Hamid Salimian (formerly Diva at the Met, Culinary Team Canada) became the first chef to join her and the “Chef Collective” followed by consulting Chef Jeff McInnis (formerly Yardbird, Miami and now his own restaurant, Root & Bone, New York); In 2014 Chef David Wong (formerly ORU and Fairmont Pacific Rim, Bocuse d’Or) moved to Earls Test Kitchen as well some young creative American and Vancouver chef consultants, which included Chef Tina Fineza.

And now, the Earls Chef Collective welcomes two new chefs.

Earls Chef Ryan Stone and Brian Skinner

Chef Ryan Stone (formerly The Pear Tree with stages at Alain Ducasse and L ‘Atelier by Joël Robuchon, Culinary Olympics, Bocuse D’or) along with consulting vegetarian chef Brian Skinner (Acorn, Otarian, Noma, Gold Medal Plates) are now part of the Earls Chef Collective.

These talented chef collaborate on new dishes and recipes, share knowledge and cook together to create new feature dishes, seasonal dishes, specific location menus (Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, Boston) and, what Earls hopes are, dishes that will become as much a part of Earls future menus as the well-loved dishes Earls guests are loyal to.

This spring Earls Chef Collective team is preparing to launch some exciting new menu items. From an authentic Korean Bibimbap (Chef Dave Wong) to some great new takes on vegetarian salads (Brian Skinner), seafood (Hamid Salimian), two new brunch items (Dawn Doucette and Ryan Stone), a new dessert and even a new burger. Dishes will launch in Earls Flagship locations on March 25th with most dishes moving to all Earls locations in June, along with new summer cocktails from Beverage Director, Cameron Bogue.


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